Embedded ANSI standard Heavy Duty Electric Strike


standard electronically controlled locking 12V electric locks
With thick stainless steel production, built-in full copper coils,
Quality stable 12V operating voltage power lock to force small and beautiful price
Very suitable for small glass door installation door! long-lasting
Embedded installation, beautiful appearance, electromagnetic part made of high-quality magnetic materials
and special processes, Long working hours do not produce residual magnetism, ensure the normal use
Fail-Safe: Power to lock(NC)
Fail secure: Power to open(NO)
Lock Size: 124L*43W*32H(mm)/140L*42W*33H(mm)
Holding strength: 1000kg
Bolt Structure: Stainless Steel
Voltage: 12VDC
Current: 220mA(NO) / 170mA(NC)
Weight: 0.6kg
Apply any frame doors, stainless steel doors
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