CCTV Installation


CCTV Installation for Business – Need to do onsite inspection


CCTV Installation for Houses – 4 Cameras – Sydney  Only

Only approved licensed and insured installers with experience in Security Wholesalers products.

Guaranteed Flat Rate Pricing – no surprises on the day

What’s included
1. Cables and connectors for 4 cameras – max cable run 50m via cat5e/cat6 cable
2. Software configuration and app connection
3. Cameras will be ceiling or wall-mounted

What we need from you
1. Internal roof cavity access is available for the installer to crawl around, or add the surcharge if no cavity.
2. Modem is accessible within the same story
3. min 1080p monitor must be available for use on the day of installation

A call/email will be received within 1 business day to book a time for installation. Lead time is usually 1-2 weeks for installation.


$990 inc GST +3 Year Warranty & Support

Double Story House with cavity exists (+$250)



Single story: Number of cameras where the roof is flat or no cavity exists (+$180.00)

Double story: Number of cameras where the roof is flat or no cavity exists (+$250.00)

Where there is no access to roof or wall cavity, this conduit surcharge is applicable. Conduit is the grey coloured tubing which is required to encase ethernet cable. Conduit + additional installation time is required if no roof or wall cavity exist.


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