HiLook 6MP IPC-T269-MU/SL All in One Camera with Blue / Red Strobe / Audio (ACDC)



IPC-T269H-MU/SL with Blue and Red Strobe + 2-way audio – ACDC (Active Colour Deterrence Camera)


  • Active Colour Deterrence 6MP high-resolution camera
  • Alarms, notifications, any audio clips can be broadcasted by the camera when an event occurs. Users can use Mobile App to customize audio messages easily.
  • Working with Intelligent human & vehicle classification technology to reduce FALSE alarm.
  • Strobe light alarm and Audio alarm to warn intruders off in real-time
  • The All-in-One camera has colorful images at night with a White light supplement
  • Working with Hilook NVR(new firmware needed), you can simply control alarms with one tap on the easy-to-use mobile APP HiLookVision
  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • One Tap to Alarm/Disarm with Mobile APP
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